We are Generation Identity

Founded in 2012, our movement is now the biggest patriotic youth movement in Europe. With active Sections in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, and many other countries, more than XX activists and Members we have become a driving force to defend and save our European identities and traditions.

Generation Identity demands are an end of massive non immigration, a Stop of Islamisation and a Remigration, in order to keep Europe an European continent. We want to stop and invert the dangerous demographic trend, that will lead to the replacement of our people and to the ende of our values and democracies. But first and foremost we want to have a free and open debate about those issues.

Since this open debate is not possible and a silent majority in all western European countries is shunned and silenced, we are acting up and speaking up. Generation Identity is force of activism: from small flyers, to huge banners, from demonstrations to creative actions, from Blocking human trafficking routes on the streets and on the sea- we are the first line of resistance against the disastrous policy of multiculturalism. Our Office is the Street!

Our activism is successfully shaping European politics. Our demands of today, like an Australian No Way policy, and a remigrations, are the policies of tomorrow. Generation identity is the Avantgarde for a sovereign, secure and free fortress Europe, that puts the interests of its peoples first.

In just 5 Years we became the most known patriotic action-group. Our symbol stands for a non-compromising but peaceful resistance against multiculturalism, for daring actions and for fact based arguments and reasonable demands. We have became the mouthpiece of he silent majority and the last defenders of the European spirit. Every year activists from all across Europe gather to join in our summer university for exchange of experiences, formation, inspiration and training. In our camp is the real Europe!

We are funded only by private donations (XX link), of those we are representing
and fighting for: the peoples of Europeans who want a future for themselves
and their Children in their homelands.
Join us and step up to the first line!