We are Generation Identity

Founded in 2012, our movement is now the biggest patriotic youth movement in Europe. With active Sections in many European countries we have become a driving force to defend and save our European identities and traditions.

The demand of Generation Identity is to keep Europe an European continent. We want to stop and invert the dangerous demographic trend, that will lead to the replacement of our people and to the end of our values and democracies. But first and foremost we want to have a free and open debate about those issues.

Since this open debate is not possible and a silent majority in all western European countries is shunned and silenced, we are acting up and speaking up. Generation Identity is force of activism: from small flyers to big demonstrations – we are the first line of resistance against the disastrous policy of multiculturalism. Our Office is the Street!

O U R   P R I N C I P L E S


1. We, the Identitarian Movement demands that the European identity, furthermore that of its indigenous peoples and constituent regions, be preserved. We consider worldwide cultural diversity as a value to be preserved in its own right. Europe is an intrinsic component of this diversity!

2. We note that the profession to one’s own culture necessarily requires a feeling of mutual respect towards foreign cultures. We acknowledge the right of all peoples to self-preservation of their identity. We reject racist trains of thought that would afford a lesser value to other peoples and cultures.

3. We confirm our strong belief in Europe. Between the constituent tiers of identity, the national layer is of equivalent importance to regional and pan-European levels. Only a wholesome approach, where all these threads of identity intertwine, allows co-operation towards an auspicious future for our continent.

4. We expect the pursuit of policies which safeguard the identity of our autochthonous folk communities by enacting a strong defining culture. European diversity must be heeded, secured and furthered – all public life should be aligned thereto.

5. We do not subscribe to an all-biological or all-culturalist world-view. We consider both schools of thought as representatives of an abridged understanding of identity. Migration can act as a positive catalyst – mass-migration, on the other hand, always leads to the disintegration of cultures. Owing to a reversal of push and pull factors, this would currently require a policy that encourages re-migration.


6. We consider as foe all ideologies and political strands that endanger our identity – hence, no particular group of individuals. Concepts in opposition to our outlook are multi-culturalism, mass-migration, Islamisation and the gradual replacement of the indigenous population.

7. We reject all forms of totalitarian government and promote open and free debate. Our activism seeks to provoke and trigger emotions – and is without fail non-violent and respects the existing legal framework. At the same time, we are ready to defend ourselves against all violent assault upon life and limb.

8. We are no political party and thus remain independent in respect to all political factions. Our activism aims to implant the urgency of current issues into people’s minds. This way we seek to instigate and influence political debate.

9. We assert as our recurring theme the gradual population replacement, its consequences and symptoms. The Great Replacement outlines an irreversible process at the end of which Europeans no longer represent the majority population in their homelands.

10. We profess the Conservative Tradition as guiding principle to influence our critical thought. The roots of this ancient tradition predate the various modern ideologies. We are neither National Socialists nor Fascists and decidedly oppose any demeanor or bearing that would link us to such groups. We adopt a neutral approach towards European religious affairs but recognise the central role of Christianity in the shaping of European identity.