We are Generation Identity

Founded in 2012, Generation Identity is the biggest patriotic youth movement in Europe. With active groups in many European countries such as Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Slovenia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Hungary, we have became a driving force to defend our European identities and traditions against globalization and the mass migration that Europe is facing. Generation Identity aims to preserve European peoples and cultures. We want to stop and invert the dangerous demographic trend, that will lead to the replacement of our peoples and to the end of our values and civilisation. Our force is our activism: from small flyers to big demonstrations – we are the first line of resistance against the disastrous policy of multiculturalism.

Our declaration of war

We are Generation Identity.

We are the generation who get killed for glancing at the wrong person, for refusing someone a cigarette, or having an look that annoys.
We are the generation of ethnic fracture, total failure of coexistence and forced mixing of the races.
We are the generation doubly punished : condemned to pay into a social system so generous with foreigners it becomes unsustainable for our own people.
Our generation is the victim of the 68ers, who wanted to liberate themselves from tradition, from knowledge and authority in education but only accomplished to liberate themselves from their responsibilities.
We closed your history books to re-gather our memories.
We no longer believe that Khader could ever be our brother, the planet our village and human kind our family. We discovered that we had roots, ancestry, and therefore a future. Our heritage is our land, our blood, our identity. We are the heirs to our own destiny.
We turned off the TV to go to the streets.
We painted our slogans on the walls. Shouted for youth in power in our loudspeakers and flew our lambda flags high.
This lambda, that ornamented the shields of the glorious spartans, is our symbol.
It represents that we will not back down, that we will not give in.
We are sick and tired of your cowardice. We won’t refuse any battle, any challenge.
You are the post-war posterity decades, the retirement benefits, the diversity, the sexual liberation.
We are 25 percent unemployment, the social debt, the explosion of multiculture, the anti-white racism, the broken families.
You won’t buy us with a condescending look, a state-paid job of misery and a pat on the shoulder.
For us life is a fight.
We don’t need your youth policies. Youth is our policy.
Don’t think this is simply a manifesto. It is a declaration of war.
We are tomorrow, you are yesterday.
We are Generation identity.


Defend Europe Mediterranean

During summer 2017, Generation Identity led a mission on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea. The point of this mission was to stop the numerous NGO taxi-boats that transported illegal migrants from the Lybian coasts to Europe. During several weeks, Generation Identity brought the debate on the situation in the Mediterranean Sea, and managed to shut down the activities of almost all the pro-migrants NGOs active on the sea.

Defend Europe Alps

In April 2018, Generation Identity started its second Defend Europe mission in the Alps. After having closed the border between France and Italy to block the route used by illegal immigrants,  activists from all over Europe organized several weeks of mobile surveillance in order to protect the border. They also investigated the network of smugglers and how it works. Thanks to this operation, Generation Identity has proved to the public authorities that the defending our borders is possible if there is political will. As a consequence the French government decided to increase the number of policemen on the routes usually used by illegal migrants.